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Deep Clean 5L Starter Pack




The ‘DEEP CLEAN’ 5L starter pack is the ideal toolkit for those requiring chemicals for their post COVID-19 reopening.

The starter pack includes:

X1 ENVIRO.GIENE 5L Multipurpose Cleaner  (Hospital Grade Disinfectant and TGA Approved Product)
X1 SHINE 5L Alcohol Surface Sanitizer and Glass Cleaner
X1 HY.GIENE HANDS Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer 5L
X1 VICTORY Bleach 1L
X1 ENVIRO.GIENE 750ML Spray Bottle
X1 SHINE 750ML Spray Bottle
X1 Tile & Grout Brush
X1 Hand Sanitizer Lotion Pump
X2 Tap in Caps to Suit 5L