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A complete enviro cleaning & disinfecting system in one product

Working together, HY.GIENE Australia are here to assist with your hygiene program post Covid-19.

ENVIRO.GIENE is a multipurpose cleaner, degreaser & disinfectant  all-in-one chemical product to simplify any cleaning and housekeeping needs, increasing efficiency and productivity.

HY.GIENE Australia are part of the critical infrastructure assisting government departments and essential services in the supply, manufacture and production, of products and services to combat  COVID-19.

Our technical support team have carefully researched and identified the situation at hand and have launched key Recovery Guide and Work Place Initiatives, capable of disinfecting and sanitising all touch point surfaces throughout any business enterprise.

ENVIRO.GIENE® is a TGA approved hard surface hospital grade disinfectant and effective multipurpose cleaner 4-in-one product. It delivers potent germicidal action in hard water and organic soil loads. It is formulated with fourth generation quaternary ammonium compounds that have been reported to be broadly active against bacteria, fungi, viruses and algae. The formulation has been generously boosted with surface active agents, alkali and solvent to further enhance its cleaning capability and rapid action on lipophilic (enveloped) viruses.

Post COVID-19 Reopening
Cleaning Disinfecting Initiatives
COVID Safe Recovery Guide

ENVIRO.GIENE will kill 99.99% of germs including:

  • E. coli
  • P. vulgaris
  • P. aeruginosa
  • S. typhosa
  • S. aureus
  • Salmonella


Can be used on a variety of surfaces in many industries

Non Hazardous, Non Toxic, No Chlorine, No Citrus.

Applications Include:

  • Bathroom Surfaces
  • Degreasing
  • Spray & Wipe
  • Toilet Cleaning
  • Front Of House
  • Shower Surfaces
  • Tiles & Grout
  • All transport interior and exterior
  • Carpet extraction
  • Facility Cleaning of Public Areas


1L Starter Pack