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HY.GIENE Laundry Solutions


HY.GIENE’s HY.WASH 3-product laundry program, designed for small to medium-sized OPL On-Premises Laundries, offers:

  • Hospital-grade disinfection
  • Elimination of oil retention
  • Reduced cycle time and water consumption
  • Safe effluent for drainage
Small Commercial & Domestic Laundry Care

Our premium laundry products are easy to use in front or top loading machines, with hot or cold water. They meet all OH&S requirements, delivering exceptional cleanliness for both whites and colours.

Premium Quality and Eco-Friendly

All products are fully biodegradable and concentrated for great value and results.

Low sudsing, highly active ingredients with powerful optical brighteners and soil-suspending agents

Made with renewable ingredients through environmentally respectful processes

Key Benefits
  • Effective grease and oil removal from linens, towels, and clothing
  • Superior colour retention and fibre protection for longer-lasting linens and towels
  • Industrial-strength spotter and degreaser for heavy stains

Choose HY.GIENE’s laundry solutions for safe, efficient, and eco-friendly cleaning.

Where Can I Purchase Housekeeping Chemicals?

Buy our products from key distributors or the HY.GIENE online store for high-quality cleaning solutions tailored to your needs.

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