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Spa, Beauty, Wellness

Spa, Beauty, Wellness

Advanced and Complete Laundry Care System for Spa, Beauty & Hair Salons Post COVID-19

In the wake of COVID-19, clients of the spa, beauty and wellness industry expect the highest level of hygiene and cleanliness in this close contact business.

HY.GIENE AUSTRALIA is a leading supplier of hygiene cleaning products to personal care industries. We continue to help educate the industry and promote the advantages of using safe, effective cleaning products.

Our exclusive GIENE branded lines are specifically designed and developed with unique formulations that enhance and optimise the cleaning agents of the ingredients used. Our spa and beauty cleaning products are developed using the latest natural surfactants, to enable the production of extremely efficient and biodegradable products.

With added Hospital Grade Disinfectant Kills 99.9% of germs and removes oil retention

**Proven results** Used by Australia’s leading Spas and Salons


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Cause of Infections

Some incidents of foot spa infections have been caused by Mycobacterium fortuitum. This organism can occur naturally in water and soil. Other organisms have also been found in footbath systems. The screens and tubes of foot spas are particularly good places for the bacteria to collect and grow, often forming dense layers of cells and proteins called biofilms, which can be very hard to remove.

  • A foot spa should be disinfected between each customer, and nightly. Proper cleaning and disinfection can greatly reduce the risk of getting an infection by reducing the bacteria that can build up in the foot spa system.

Do not use the foot spa if you are not sure it is disinfected and safe to use. Operators should not risk their clients health. You should report any problems to your Environmental Health Officer or Health Department. Follow label directions for use, and consult operating manuals for foot spa basins.


Outbreaks of skin infections on the legs and feet of patrons following spa pedicures have caused concern about spa safety. HY.GIENE AUSTRALIA provides solutions for operators and clients of salon pedicure foot spas to help reduce the potential for infections associated with pedicure foot spa use. Microorganisms in foot spas can enter through the skin. It is for this reason that all salon workers understand that pedicure foot spas and basins be cleaned after every use.