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HY.WASH Laundry Degreaser


HY.WASH Laundry Degreaser is blue liquid with a mild eucalyptus odour. It is a versatile and effective laundry degreaser, 100% biodegradable and septic system safe. Uniquely formulated to remove heavily embedded soils such as grease, oils, and fats from synthetic cotton blends and pure cotton.




A highly concentrated spotter and degreaser, ideally suited for use on fabric stains in laundry, dry-cleaning and carpet cleaning applications. Very effective for use in industrial applications for removal of oil and grease. It may also be used for removal of tar, lipstick, salad oil and ball-point ink. Laundered fabrics for food plant use should be thoroughly rinsed in potable water. Popular use and very effective to remove oil retention.

DIRECTIONS: It may be added directly on the spots or soiled area and left to penetrate for a few minutes before laundering in hot water. It may also be added with HY.WASH OPL Break detergent directly to the wash cycle.

HY.WASH Laundry Degreaser is a concentrated solution of detergents and surfactants. With added Hospital Grade Disinfectant – Kills 99.9% of germs.

HY.WASH Laundry Degreaser ingredients are biodegradable and will not accumulate in soil or water or cause long term problems. pH level of 13.


For use with HY.WASH OPL systems via automatic dispensing equipment.

Can be dosed manually at the rate of 3-4ml per kg washload.

Do not spray over paintwork.

If soiling is difficult to remove, spray with HY.GIENE Pre-Wash spray prior before adding to wash.

For important safety information, please refer to the Safety Data Sheet.

For detailed product information, please refer to the Technical Bulletin.

For more information about HY.GIENE Australia – including some fantastic cleaning hints and tips, check out our YouTube channel.

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