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Laundry Care Starter Pack





Complete Laundry Care System

Oil Retention in Towels

Our HY.WASH 3 step process is simple and very effective for removing oil in massage towels and sarongs.

Longer Life From Your Towels

Our Laundry Care process will protect the fibres of your towels, giving you superior colour retention so they look beautiful for longer.

Exceptional Quality and Features

Both our laundry liquid detergent and laundry powder are Premium grade non hazardous products, fully biodegradable and suitable for front and top loading machines in hot or cold water.

The ingredients are highly active, low sudsing with powerful optical brightener and soiling suspending agents for free rinsing. Being a concentrate, the dosage rate for the liquid and powder products is reduced – giving you great value and great results!

Uniquely formulated to remove heavily embedded soils such as grease, oils, and fats from synthetic cotton blends and pure cotton.

A highly concentrated spotter and degreaser remover ideally suited for use on fabric stains in any laundry. It is particularly effective for use in Day Spa & salons for removal massage oils, disinfection of mud wraps, removal of make ups and facial creams.

We recommend the occasional deep clean of your towels on a warm to hot cycle to remove any bacteria and oils. 40 – 60 degrees is ideal for this. Try not to overcrowd the washing machine, so there’s plenty of water to soak and wash. Three quarter machine load of towels is plenty.

*We recommend adding a Rinse & Spin cycle with extra 3 step deep clean every few weeks.

For important safety information, please refer to the Safety Data Sheet.

For detailed product information, please refer to the Technical Bulletin.

For more information about HY.GIENE Australia – including some fantastic cleaning hints and tips, check out our YouTube channel.

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